Why S.T.A.R.

All leagues of play face a continuous shortage of referees. There are a variety of reasons for this but
much is based on the consistent criticism and abuse they suffer from parents and coaches as well as
the cost of living within the Bay Area creating a smaller pool relative to other municipalities. More
training courses have been offered making it easier than at any other point in time to become a
referee. Despite this and increase in referee pay, the pool of trained referees has not been able to
keep up with the growth of the sport.

The goal is to make sure that there is an adult STAR available for every match. In the the event that
an assigned referee failed to show up, the STAR will be qualified to fill in at the last minute. This
will significantly improve the officiating at the games and will provide another avenue for spectators
to become active and involved in the sport that so many kids enjoy.