The Lowen Soccer Club

March 5, 2018

Based in San Bruno, CA, the Lowen 83 Futbol Club is dedicated to providing a competitive soccer experience for the committed player who strives to develop skills to their highest capability, works towards maximizing their athletic potential, and wants to be part of a thriving community-based organization. ¬†Through consistent, well-structured practices and competitive game opportunities lead by certified coaches who not only teach tactical skills and strategies but also foster the principles of sportsmanship, fair-play, and good citizenship, the game of soccer is used to as a vehicle to build self-confidence, integrity, and mastery of soccer techniques.Success is measured by how well we accomplish these objectives, not by win/loss records as we believe that valuable life lessons are learned through hard work, commitment, team camaraderie, and community involvement. Lowen Futbol Club abides by the rules and regulations of USYSA, USSF, FIFA, and local league standards. Lowen’s teams currently play in NorCal Premier and in the National Premier League.

If you are interested in learning more about the club, please contact