Sponsor addresses


The club has asked us all in the past to contact businesses and request sponsor ships for players and teams.  Over the last year we have received very few contributions. We now want to attempt a different approach. The club will contact the potential sponsor via mail and introduce the club and its mission to the targeted business. We think we can reach many more contributors this way. However, we have to collect the business contact address first to approach them. Here is where we need the club families to pitch in. We are asking you to add all potential businesses to the form below so that the club can send them sponsorship materials. This can be your employer, your favorite restaurant, your dentist, your doctor, your filthy rich neighbor that does not know where to spend his money, or anybody else you can think of. Since we are a competitive bunch, we will keep track of what team adds the most potential sponsors.



Gender Team # Collected
Boys Blackhawks 06B 0
Girls Cobras 04G 0
Boys Eagles 04B 0
Boys Earthquakes 10B 0
Boys Falcons 08B 0
Girls Hurricanes 01G 0
Boys International FC 02B 0
Boys Mavericks 07B 0
Girls Mustangs 08G 0
Girls Panthers 10G 0
Girls Pumas 08G 0
Boys Ravens 03B 0
Girls Thunder 05G 0
Girls Thunder 06G 0
Boys Thunderbolts Black 09B 0
Boys Thunderbolts White 09B 0
Girls Tornados 01G 0
Girls Venom 03G 0
Girls Wildcats 06G 0