Become a STAR Today!

Recommended for the 2023 Fall Season

This would be for all NorCal teams U13 and younger.

Program Overview: Require each team to provide one adult Specially

Trained Adult Referee (STAR).

Solution: Like in many other leagues and associations, we have a major shortage of referees. We need each club to step up and have at least one parent become a NorCal STAR starting this season.

Each club will be responsible for providing a NorCal STAR at home matches in the event the referee does not show up. This can be the NorCal STAR for that specific team or from another team within the same club.


You can become a NorCal STAR one of 2 ways:

1)Become a Grassroots referee- they can fill in on the match and get paid.


STAR Requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Not be an existing grassroots referee
  • Complete pre-season training of 9 total hours for Grassroots
  • Pay $75 to become an officially licensed Grassroots referee.

2) Or set up account on PENSRA as a NOR CAL STAR referee

Only club lines person allowed (Not Paid)

Takes 5 minutes or less to make your account

  • Do all the training required on PENSRA take about 1.5 hours
  • Once completed please send an email screenshot to :
    • Plus, attend a 2-hour field session
    • Let your home club know you are STAR for XYZ team
  • Link for PENSRA you can watch this video  Here is the link for the STAR referee Program Video  how to sign up on PENSRA
  • When they set up the profile.
    • Under notes enter Club name, Team name and Age group

So, what are you waiting for become a NorCal STAR referee today!

Additional Requirements: Before and after each match

Nor Cal STAR – Parent-Referee Representative:

  • Each team is to designate a NorCal STAR- parent-referee representative at each match. (If need be, the STAR’s from each team can check the teams in)
  • This representative does not need to be the same person for each game but must have knowledge of the club’s Spectator Code of Conduct.
  • The STAR or team Rep is responsible for identifying which team they are with to the referee prior to the match starting. Preferably before check-in, the STAR referee should give his or her name to the referee crew.
  • The STAR or representative is responsible for managing the behavior of the team’s parents during the match.


Before the match each week:

Check in PENSRA each week to make sure the match is loaded and verify the match has a full crew.

 Club-Referee Representative:

  • Each club is to have a referee representative to be the main point of contact between the club and the NorCal referee committee.
  • The Representative will ensure teams provide the name and contact information for proposed NorCal STAR candidates to the referee committee.
  • Ensure that all matches for all the teams within the club will have a Nor Cal STAR present.
  • Ensure that any feedback, comments, and concerns are communicated to the clubs and to the NorCal Referee Committee.


Any questions please contact:

Rich Fern

650 290-0365

Nor Cal Region 1 Referee Rep