Specialized Clinics

Goal Keeper Training

San Bruno Lowen83 FC

Goalkeeper skills is a specialized skill and a key component to every team.  Lowens83 offers free Goalkeeper clinics dedicated just for our goalkeepers.  In these clinics you will learn the techniques such as staying on your toes, increase your speed and reflexes, learn to read your opponent and many more.  As the last line of defense it’s important to stay calm and be in shape not only physically but mentally as well.        

Striker Training

Striker training clinics are geared to develop the striker’s primary role which is scoring GOALS!!  Here they learn several techniques, such as taking shots during small windows, speed, accuracy, follow-up shots, redirects and many more.   Lowens83 Club offers striker training from our experienced coaches with years of experience and knowledge.   

San Bruno Lowen83 FC