We are a non-profit 501c club completely driven by volunteer coaches and staff who love the game of the soccer, and, are passionate about seeing our youth enjoy this beautiful game. Our goal is to keep fees as low as possible so that all of our youth can play in a challenging and rewarding environment. Listed below is our fee breakdown:


Club fees*:
Fall season: $350

Spring season: $350

Team Fees*:
Additional fees can vary from team to team.  These include items such as soccer equipment, soccer balls, first aid kits, media, team events, rainy day funds and referee fees which usually amount to $50-$150 per player per season.

Uniforms cost $175, approximately.


Each tournament typically costs $40-$60 per player.  The number of tournaments played is usually discussed by the coaching staff and parents to ensure availability. 


Summer & Winter Soccer:

Each team’s coaching staff and parents decide if they will play a winter or summer season.  The decision is usually based on player availability.  There are no additional club fees for enrolled players to play a summer or winter season.  Please note, new players added during the summer or winter season will have to pay a pro-rated club fee.  Futsal, referee or league fees may apply.



Lowen83 Soccer Club offers scholarship programs.  For inquires contact your team’s manager.

*Fees are subject to change